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Here is where you can find out about all things Jennifer Lehr…soon!

Having just spent almost a decade writing PARENTSPEAK—it comes out January 10th!—I’m taking a brief hiatus from being productive. Shouldn’t last long. I have a book I want people to read and discuss!

Please check back soon as I’ll have the site up and running in no time.

PARENTSPEAK: Coming January 2017

Underlying her friendly, enjoyable critique of certain phrases parents use reflexively — the kind that lead us to wonder ‘How did my mother get in my larynx?’ — Lehr offers a substantive and subversive message of respect for kids. The chapter about time-out is worth the price of the book by itself, but I highly recommend you read the whole thing.
— Alfie Kohn, author of Unconditional Parenting and The Myth of the Spoiled Child
PARENT SPEAK takes everything you thought you knew about parenting and turns it on its ear
— Jennifer Jason Leigh